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Moving House

I’ve decided to re-name my blog.  It seems most people I talk to don’t know their A. A. Milne and think the blog title is some bizarre stammering tribute to The Doors, or perhaps to this guy:

James Morrison on the trumpet

Besides, I came up with a better blog name:

Laptop on the Ironing Board

I’ve moved everything across, please come and join me there!

I will hang on to JJMM just in case I ever want a place to sell my crochet things online (at the moment, I have enough to keep me busy!)

Mr Knightley, incidentally, commented wryly that I might like to ‘take up ironing’ (ie his shirts) in keeping with the blog’s new name.  While I appreciated this helpful suggestion, I nonetheless declined.  Mr Knightley has always ironed his own shirts and I’ve always been terrible at it (and intend to stay that way!).  And what’s more, the sight of that man ironing shirts (and not wearing one, preferably) is SEXY.  Sorry, too much information, I know.

But don’t let that put you off visiting the new place.  I’ll behave – I promise!



Oooh!  I’m so excited!  I won a blog award!  Well, actually, I won two!


The delightful Little Poppits has nominated me for these two awards (she managed to win two at the same time, so passed both on).  Little Poppits has a lovely blog on chickens, crochet and all things granny chic.  Her Diary of a Haggard Mother always makes me laugh and her vintage finds always make me jealous.  LP is my first blog friend who I don’t also know in real life!

I think, to make things a little simpler, I will put the Sunshine Award on the shelf and pass on the Beautiful Blogger Award.  So here are the rules (yes, I know, blog awards have rules!)

1. Copy the Beautiful Blogger Award logo and place it in your post.

2. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
 (Thank you Little Poppits, you gave me such a boost!)

3. Tell 7 things about yourself.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers for their own Beautiful Blogger Award, and comment on their blogs to let them know.

So here are my seven things:

I have three brothers and two sisters and now that we no longer share a bathroom, we get along really well.

As a result of growing up in a large family, my favourite place to be is the centre of attention.  Can’t get enough of it.  Hence the blog.

Back when I was a teenager, I would delight in wearing a short red dress to a party with a “wear black” theme.  I’d delight in wearing a short red dress anywhere, in fact.  Good times.

Half the time I write these posts, I’m breastfeeding Annie.  The rest of the time, I’m just hiding from my children.

I have a morbid fear of level crossings, public toilets, parallel parking and dental hygienists.

I’m really quite good at decoding ciphers.  They put this puzzle in the Sunday paper where they replace the letters with symbols and they give you clues but I fold it so I can’t see the clues and I set the timer and can usually crack it in under five minutes flat without writing anything down.  If the government knew, they’d have me working as a secret agent, decoding enemy transmissions.  But it would only work if the transmissions were charming witticisms, like they are in the paper: “You are only young once, but you can always be immature”.  Too true, Enemy Agent, too true.

It drives me crazy when I see spelling mistakes on big, expensive signs (I can handle handwritten ones – if I hold my breath and try really hard).  I’m not picking on people for not knowing how to spell, but surely if you are going to go to all the expense of erecting a sign, you can afford to run it past someone who knows that ‘accommodation’ is spelled with two ‘m’s, confectionery is spelled with an ‘e-r-y’, not ‘a-r-y’ and the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, and ‘whose’ and ‘who’s’.  And don’t get me STARTED on apostrophes!

OK, now that I’ve calmed down, here are my seven nominations:

Attic 24 – The first blog I ever became addicted to, and my inspiration for writing one myself, Lucy is the queen of all crochet bloggers.  Every post is a visual feast and her writing style is so endearing.

Boomiebol writes an evocative poetry blog.  Her poem My Brothers made me miss my big brother in Japan so much!

Daily Mom Prayers writes a lovely fun blog about family life, full of great ideas.  And it doesn’t matter what she writes about, she finishes each post with a prayer of thanks, which reminds me to look for God in the ordinary things

DiscomBUBulated – this is just a fun blog about family life that I find myself nodding to a lot. An addictive read.

Roar Sweetly – a great place for recipes and ideas for frugal living.  She shares my enthusiasm for tuna.  Enough said.

Big Robot Eyes – looks to be a new blog with lovely short, funny posts.  Her haiku on her second child made tea pour out my nose.

Mother of Nine9 – I’m in awe of this lady.  I love reading her posts on managing a large family and the philosophy that goes with it.

So that’s it!  Thank you again, Little Poppits.  I will express my appreciation by providing as many links to you in this post as I can without getting silly. Another blogger I admire (Jane Marsh from Nothing by the Book) has described blog awards as “a slightly self-indulgent blogosphere group hug” which is kind of true, but she also says “Moms need that”  which is definitely true (except I would say ‘Mums”)  I love a group hug, virtual or otherwise.

These awards are going straight to the Pool Room.

Kate Is Special

Just thought I’d share:

In the ‘recently deceased’ section of the parish notices last week, I read that longstanding parishioner Karen Appleby had died and there was a big funeral for her this week.  I didn’t know Karen at all but I knew Bill Appleby to be a tall, older fellow who I’d often see about the place.  I would nod at him and say “Bill.”  and he would nod back rather aloofly and this was the full extent of our relationship.

When I spoke to another parishioner about Karen and Bill, she said that they had lost a child many years ago and did a lot of ministry for parents who had lost children.  My heart went out to Bill and I realised why he sometimes seemed rather distant.

At Mass this morning, I saw him.  I always feel awkward in this kind of situation, but I know Mum’s always said it’s better to say something than to avoid the person and make them feel even worse.  I also knew from experience that it’s better to say something sooner rather than later because it will only get more awkward.

At the morning tea after Mass I found myself side by side with the man in question so I seized my opportunity.  I turned to him, gave him a little hug and said “Bill, I’m so sorry about Karen”

In the moments that followed, I discovered the following useful facts:

  • Karen wasn’t actually his wife
  • His wife is still alive and at home at the moment
  • This man was not Bill Appleby
  • This man’s name was Brian

I also discovered:

  • There may be another reason why this man was so unresponsive when I called him ‘Bill’ all these years
  • Sometimes ‘sooner rather than later’ does not avoid an awkward situation if soon is too soon to confirm a positive ID

He was really quite gentle and lovely about it.  It was like he wished he could be Bill for my sake but he could not escape the fact that he was in fact Brian and he did indeed have a live wife.

Whatever.  Just tell Bill I said hi.

In This Blog, You Will Meet

So, I figure in this blog I’ll be banging on about my family a bit, so I’d better give them some names.  As this is the big and scary internet, names have been changed to protect the innocent.

So.  In this blog, you will meet:

“Mr Knightley”, my handsome husband;
“Matilda”, my seven-year-old daughter;
“Christopher Robin”, my five-year-old son;
“Harry”, my two-year-old son; and
“Annie”, my baby girl (currently seven months old)

A Blog is Born

Hello, my name is Kate.  This is a place to put my ramblings about family life and to boast about the crafty things I do.  I don’t expect anyone much would find this interesting, but I’ve always loved the sound of my own voice and this gives me the chance to chatter on in print.  Anyway, my lovely sister promised to read, so I won’t be entirely without an audience!