Moving House

I’ve decided to re-name my blog.  It seems most people I talk to don’t know their A. A. Milne and think the blog title is some bizarre stammering tribute to The Doors, or perhaps to this guy:

James Morrison on the trumpet

Besides, I came up with a better blog name:

Laptop on the Ironing Board

I’ve moved everything across, please come and join me there!

I will hang on to JJMM just in case I ever want a place to sell my crochet things online (at the moment, I have enough to keep me busy!)

Mr Knightley, incidentally, commented wryly that I might like to ‘take up ironing’ (ie his shirts) in keeping with the blog’s new name.  While I appreciated this helpful suggestion, I nonetheless declined.  Mr Knightley has always ironed his own shirts and I’ve always been terrible at it (and intend to stay that way!).  And what’s more, the sight of that man ironing shirts (and not wearing one, preferably) is SEXY.  Sorry, too much information, I know.

But don’t let that put you off visiting the new place.  I’ll behave – I promise!


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