Being a “stay at home” mum can be tough sometimes.  But it’s not without its perks.  Here’s what’s making me smile this week:

Pea Sprouts

Pea sprouts growing on my kitchen windowsill;


Eating delicious imaginary cakes at Cafe Matilda


Everything is gluten-free!


Two shiny magazines awaiting my perusal (they’ve been sitting patiently in their wrappers for almost a week now, but their moment will come!)

You might be thinking that last one doesn’t count as a perk – mums don’t get much time to read magazines, nor does the family budget always stretch to such indulgences (though I maintain one should always make room for small, sanity-saving treats) – but the perk comes from the amount of relish with which this particular indulgence is enjoyed when the moment arrives.  There are certain luxuries one just doesn’t appreciate before becoming a parent!  Showering in private is another such example…

So there you go.  I have it pretty good here and I’m so grateful that I have a husband who supports  me and is willing to be the sole breadwinner so I can endeavour to embrace all things domestic.   If you could see the state of my kitchen floor at the moment, you might think it less an embrace and more an awkward hug that you give your work associate at his retirement party, but, still, the intention is there…


6 thoughts on “Perks

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  2. Kathleen Walter

    I am still not sure where to leave my reply…..So new to this blog business. I’ve decided not to be afraid and to just jump in. First Kate, thank you for putting these posts first, anything to assist me is appreciated.

    Reading your stories should bring their own Medibank rebates, they are so medically beneficial, they make me laugh and laugh. The photo of odd socks brings back many memories- some not so distant. The odd, odd sock has lived in and around my home for years. I would look at the lonely single sock waiting patiently for her mate to be found. Such a long and often futile wait – oh dear, I must stop my rambling.

    Kate I so agree with you – what joys there are in being a full time Mum. Tell the waitress that I will have to come to her Cafe.

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