A Blog is Born

Hello, my name is Kate.  This is a place to put my ramblings about family life and to boast about the crafty things I do.  I don’t expect anyone much would find this interesting, but I’ve always loved the sound of my own voice and this gives me the chance to chatter on in print.  Anyway, my lovely sister promised to read, so I won’t be entirely without an audience!


2 thoughts on “A Blog is Born

  1. sister 2

    Soooo can’t remember if I’m the lovely sister who promised to read or if it was Emily and I have competition for sisterly brownie points but either way a comment seems like a good idea.I should be sleeping but my mind is too buzzy and this temporary smart phone too enticing.I love all your crafty things! I think I lucked out in the crafty gene pool.My scarfs grew so wide I became embarrassed and began to believe they’d be more convincing as blankets. The lucky babies who get your goods are gonna be thehippest kids in the parental change room 😉 hopefully you won’t receive this until tomorrow you will be receiving some shut eye…I’m going to try and achieve some myself 🙂 happy hooking

    1. katelikestocreate Post author

      Lovely sister! It WAS Emily who encouraged me about the blog, but you get brownie points for leaving a comment. I could never knit either. Crochet is much easier and more forgiving. I missed you last night, hope you had fun and got lucky.


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